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Leasing Cover

Easily insuring leasing receivables

We support you with cover for leasing receivables

You do not only wish to protect your export business but also leasing receivables? Our Leasing Guarantee will be the ideal tool for that. This form of cover enables German lessors (manufacturers/exporters or leasing companies) to insure leasing receivables from a foreign lessee arising from a cross-border leasing transaction.


Worth knowing: You can find out whether this form of cover is suitable for your transaction in question by answering just five questions for the feasibility check. Besides, you will receive an indication as to the amount of the premium payable in the course of the online application process, that is before actually submitting an application for cover.

Leasing Cover at a glance 

Target group

German lessors (manufacturers/exporters or leasing companies)


Payment terms of the covered transactions

  • Short-term (up to 2 years)
  • Medium/long-term (2 years and longer)


Insurable risks

Leasing cover offers protection against payment default, particularly if

  • the lessee becomes insolvent
  • the lessee fails to make payment within either one or six months after due date depending on the type of leasing cover (protracted default)
  • adverse measures are taken by foreign governments or warlike events arise
  • local currency amounts are not converted or transferred
  • goods are confiscated due to political circumstances
  • contract performance becomes impossible due to political circumstances



  • Single premium calculated as a percentage of the covered contract amount (excluding interest) as well as specific processing fees
  • For a detailed calculation there is an  interactive premium calculator (German version only) available 


Uninsured portion

  • Standard leasing cover
    • 5% for political risks
    • normally 15% for commercial risks
  • Leasing cover at enhanced conditions (preconditions among others: leasing of capital goods, qualified leasing company acting between the manufacturer and the lessee, assignment typical for leasing transactions has been agreed) 5% for all risks

Leasing cover: Your advantages at a glance


A feasibility check offers you the possibility to check quite easily whether leasing cover is suitable for your transaction.


You can apply for leasing cover quite easily in our customer portal myAGA.


Buyer credit cover can be combined with many other forms of cover – for example with a manufacturing risk cover, confiscation risk cover, contract bond cover or a Counter-Guarantee – in order to improve the risk protection.

How does leasing cover work? 

Leasing cover insures a lessor against the loss of the amounts owing from a foreign lessee under a cross-border lease.

Applying for leasing cover

You can apply quite easily for this product online in the myAGA customer portal. Please submit your digital application there in order to apply for cover for your export transaction under a Leasung Guarantee. For this purpose please register once and comfortably with just a few steps with our myAGA customer portal. If you already use myAGA, you can log on directly with your access data.


If you need assistance with the application or if you have any questions regarding the suitable product for you, please contact our business consultants.

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FAQs  Leasing Cover

What additional forms of cover are available? 
What options of Leasing Cover exist?

Two leasing cover options are offered by the Federal Government:

  • on conditions (uninsured percentage, waiting period and claims processing period) comparable to those of supplier credit cover and
  • on conditions applicable to buyer credit cover in the case of certain types of finance leasing.

Leasing cover on conditions applicable to buyer credit cover may be granted only if the lease model fulfils a financing function similar to that of a buyer credit. Precondition is, among other things, that a leasing company operates as link between the manufacturer and the lessee and that the “typical assignment structure for leasing operations” has been agreed on. In addition, the leasing must relate to capital goods, the lessor must have a bank licence or belong to the scope of consolidation of a German bank. On a case-by-case basis, other leasing companies may also be eligible for leasing cover on buyer credit terms.

What are the basic conditions lease agreement?

Leasing cover is available for full payout or for partial payout leases. The lessor must either be the owner of the leased property or must at least be entitled to repossess the property in the event of a default or to withdraw the rights of usage. In the case of leasing cover on buyer credit terms, the lessor must contract out of his warranty obligations and assign his warranty claims against the supplier to the foreign lessee.

What horizon of risk is covered? 

Cover takes effect in each case with the shipment of the goods and ends with full payment of the amounts owing under the lease contract.

Do you have any additional questions regarding a Leasing Cover? 

Our experts will be pleased to answer any questions regarding leasing cover and will guide you step by step through the application process if desired.

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