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We help your importers to buy products and goods "Made in Germany"

We know the needs of importers

Your importers:

- Want to buy in Germany.

- Want a longterm financing.

- Need a long line of credit.

- Need liquidity.

We help your importers to buy equipment & financing in Germany!

That's why export financing is the solution for your importers

Sounds complicated? It's easier than you think!
Competitive interest rate and low financing costs

- All these factors determine your competitive position.

Financing on favorable terms

- Raising funds to pay for imports and not burdening the importer's local credit lines. As a result, an attractive price level can be created. 

- Cheap long-term financing: Financing costs are usually lower than local financing

Planable annual cost for up to 22 years credit period with fixed down payment

- Depending on the value of the order

Open Cover policy
  • Open cover policy with no restrictions
  • Support transactions from very small up to large infrastructure projects / large corp. investments
Better conditions under OECD arrangement

- Longer tenors and more flexible repayment terms will be accessible

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Let Felix Brücher advise you.
Felix Brücher
International Business Development | Financing expert, Türkiye German ECA Desk

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The German industrial landscape offers the widest range of industries in the world!

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We know what is important to your importers.

Your importers are looking for pure products and services "Made in Germany", but also for:

Efficient and reliable processes

Negotiating and drafting contracts can be difficult and challenging. An excess of bureaucracy and paperwork in addition are not helpful. Our business processes are therefore efficient and reliable.

Long-term trust in a business relationship

Good processes are based on a solid foundation of mutual trust and long-term relationships.

Testimonials mit Unternehmen, die Hermesdeckungen nutzen

Practical videos - How SMEs use the advantages of Hermes cover

Discover the state cover for your export business
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How export credit guarantees help to minimize default risks

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Supplier Credit

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Advantages for the exporter:

- Competitive advantage

- Fast liquidity

- Balance sheet reduction

- Credit negotiation carried out by the house bank


Advantage for the buyer:

- More favorable conditions compared to local financing

Buyer Credit

Advantages for the exporter:

- Competitive advantage

- Fast liquidity

- Balance sheet reduction


Advantage for the buyer:

- Financing outside the credit line of the house bank

- More favorable conditions compared to local financing

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Felix Brücher
International Business Development | Financing expert, Türkiye German ECA Desk
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Financing expert, AHK Singapore | Southeast Asia & Bangladesh
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Financing Expert AHK VAE (Dubai) | Middle East, Northern Africa
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Financing Expert, German Chamber of Commerce Côte d´Ivoire, Abidjan I Westafrica and Subsahara Africa