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Sustainability, trust and transformation

The action of the Federal Government have to be transparent and comprehensible in particular as regards the instruments of the export credit guarantees; thus, a relationship between the state and the citizenson trust can evolve. Besides, the Federal Government will gain important insights for its decisions from the contributions of all social interest groups.

Cover for transactions with export credit guarantees is linked to certain framework conditions. In addition to eligibility for cover, the Federal Government is also bound by international guiding principles when providing cover for exports. In this way, exporters and export-financing banks are given a reliable framework within which they can obtain state cover for export transactions and which even makes transactions possible in many cases.


Man installs solar panels on a roof

Climate strategy

In view of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, a comprehensive transformation of the economy is imperative to reduce global warming to well below two degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial era. By developing a climate strategy for export credit guarantees, the Federal Government will continue to support the German economy with cover tailored to its needs.


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Assessment of environmental, social and human rights issues (ESHR)

Environmental, social and human rights issues (ESHR) play an important role in the promotion of foreign trade. When an application is made, due diligence is carried out to make sure that national and international standards will be met. With the following link you can access information on the requirements and procedure of the environmental, social and human rights assessment (ESHR assessment).

EHSR Background information

Read more about current national guidelines for export credit guarantees for the energy sector, about human rights and Animal husbandry.

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Promotion of climate-friendly exports

Global climate change is one of the biggest challenges that lie ahead in the coming years. The Federal Government supports the further development and transfer of climate-friendly, efficient high-tech products also by means of initiatives in the field of export promotion.

A first step is the "Special Renewable Energies Initiative", which offers greater flexibility in financing local costs.


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Publication of
category A projects

Category A projects are published before the final decision on cover with export credit guarantees is taken, as they can potentially have strong environmental, social or human rights impacts.


Publication of
supported projects

Basic project data of all projects with a contract value of more than 15 million euros, basic project data are published after a final commitment for cover has been made provided that the exporter has given its consent. 

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Background information on selected transactions

Read more about projects that have been realised with Hermes Cover.

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OECD Common Approaches

Create a level playing field

The assessment of environmental, social and human rights aspects is an important element of the decision on the eligibility for cover of an export transaction.

The export credit agencies’ requirements regarding process, due diligence and transparency are defined in the “Recommendations of the Council on Common Approaches for Officially Supported Export Credits and Environmental and Social Due Diligence” (short: Common Approaches). 

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Prevention of Bribery

A central aspect of sustainable action

The corruption-free transaction of export business and its financing is of great importance to the Federal Government because it considers this to be a crucial aspect of sustainability. Accordingly, the absence of corruption is also a major criterion for a transaction’s eligibility for support.


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Service exports on the rise

A look at international world trade clearly shows: There is an ongoing shift of value added and employment away from industry to the services sector. According to the OECD services already account for almost half of German exports.

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Strategic support for foreign projects

The German foreign trade promotion instruments have proven their worth. However, competitors from third countries are increasingly competing with political support and comprehensive financing offers, particularly in tenders for large-volume foreign projects. This creates competitive disadvantages for German providers.

The key points of the Federal Government's strategy paper provide new impetus for international competition for major strategic projects in order to improve opportunities for Germany.

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Accompanying the German export industry in the transformation process

An increasingly challenging environment awaits many companies. The Federal Government provides support, among other things, through initiatives in the area of export promotion. 

We are partners to the business community in this transformation.

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