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Alexandra Lutz
Financing expert, AHK Singapore | Southeast Asia & Bangladesh
N. N.
International Business Development | Financing expert, Türkiye German ECA Desk
Eva Steinhaus
Financing Expert AHK VAE (Dubai) | Middle East, Northern Africa
Emilia von Mettenheim
Financing Expert, German Chamber of Commerce Côte d´Ivoire, Abidjan I Westafrica and Subsahara Africa

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Region of Hamburg
N. N.
Business Consultant, Region of Hamburg. Postal codes: 19 - 29
Region of Berlin
Igor Sufraga
Business Consultant Region of Berlin. Postal codes: 03, 06, 18, 30 - 31, 34 und 37 - 39
Region of Dortmund
Marc Frenzel
Business Consultant Region of Dortmund. Postal codes: 32 - 33, 44 - 49 und 58 - 59
Region of Rhineland
Eva Stupp
Business Consultant, Region of Rhineland. Postal codes: 40 - 42, 50 - 54, 56 - 57
Region of Frankfurt
Dr. Philipp Laass
Business Consultant Region of Frankfurt. Postal codes: 35-36, 55, 60-69, 97
Region of Nuremberg
René Auf der Landwehr
Business Consultant Region of Nuremberg. Postal codes: 01 - 02, 04, 07 - 09, 90 - 92, 95 - 99
Region of Munich
Matthias Klaholt
Business Consultant Region of Munich. Postal codes: 80 - 89, 93 - 94
Region Stuttgart
Natalja Forstmeier
Business Consultant Region of Stuttgart. Postal codes: 70-79
Head of Market
N. N.
International Business Development | Financing expert, Türkiye German ECA Desk
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You would like to become acquainted with the Export Credit Guarantees of the Federal Republic of Germany and understand how you can use them in your everyday business?

With 70 years’ experience in insurance of business activities abroad, our experts offer you seminars, workshops, on-the-job trainings or online events.

If you wish to receive more information, you are welcome to send us an inquiry.



You would like to invite one of our experts to an event of yours, a panel discussion or lectures?

If you wish to receive more information, you are welcome to send us an inquiry.

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Online events and technical information 

You missed an online event or would like to watch it again as a follow-up?

Via the link below, you can find our recordings of online events, which took place with our Euler Hermes experts and business consultants but also with experts from partner companies. Please feel free to watch current and past videos on special subjects, such as product and industry information, or download the respective presentation slides. The same applies to your colleagues.


Events of the market development programme

The Market Development Programme (MEP) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action for small and medium-sized companies offers information events in Germany, market reconnaissance and business development trips as well as exhibitions abroad and information trips of foreign multipliers and buyers to Germany.

You will find more detailed information on our page on the Market Development Programme.

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