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Secure Email

Communicating safely in a secure environment

These days, companies exchange information mainly by email via the Internet. However, in the course of the electronic data transmission sensitive information, too, is transported in a form which may enable unauthorised persons to read and modify confidential contents at will.


Our service

We offer you to communicate with us by means of encrypted and digitally signed emails based on the open-source S/MIME standard. This service is free of charge. The basic encryption and decryption of emails is supported by all common email programmes.


What are the benefits of using a secure email system?

The purported sender actually is the person who is named in the sender field. The content of an email cannot be modified while it is transmitted without that being noticed. Only the email address or person defined as addressee can decrypt and read the email – but no unauthorised person. If you already have a certificate, you can send us your public key, for example, with a digitally signed email so that we can safely communicate with you.

More details can be found on the page “Electronic signatures, seals and time stamps” of the Federal Office for Information Security and in our Certificate Practice Statement (CPS) of EH CICA.


How do I get the certificate?

Please write an email to our Secure E-Mail Support; we will then send you a digital key. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our team by telephone at +49 (0) 40/88 34-25 00.