Veterinary centre for Angola

Veterinary centre for Angola 

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Veterinary centre gives independence from imports

In Angola, a project is currently being realised that has very high priority within the national development plan: On an area of 20,000 sqm in Huambo in the southwest of the country, a centre for the production of veterinary vaccines is being built. The main purpose is to produce vaccines against pathogens found mainly in Africa. In addition, vaccines against mutant African viruses are to be developed, against which off-the shelf vaccines are not or not sufficiently effective.

The project is part of a programme initiated by Angola’s president in order to increase agricultural productivity. He set the objective of producing vaccines for farmed animals, such as cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and chickens, in the country itself to become independent of imports. Previously, Angola had to cope with supply bottlenecks again and again due to, on the one hand, the lack of foreign exchange and, on the other hand, increased prices for imports following a devaluation of the national currency. Besides, the quality of the vaccines on offer varied widely.


Consortium consisting of GAUFF and NORÁFRICA builds the veterinary centre

To implement the project, the Angolan ministry of agriculture and fisheries placed the contract for the construction of the veterinary centre with GAUFF Engineering in a consortium with NORÁFRICA. GAUFF acts as leader and is responsible for the procurement and project management. GAUFF’s tasks include also planning services and quality control. NORÁFRICA GmbH, with which GAUFF Engineering concluded a joint venture agreement for the realisation of the project, is responsible for the actual construction of the centre.


The veterinary centre will include production buildings with plant and equipment for the production of vaccines, warehouses and an office and administrative building. In addition, a research and development laboratory as well as testing facilities will be constructed.

Consortium of GAUFF and NORÁFRICA builds veterinary centre
Planning veterinary centre for Angola

Synergies for training and research

The centre for the production of veterinary vaccines is built on the grounds of a state veterinary institute near the veterinary faculty of the university. This will allow closely linking training and research. It is also planned that students at the university of veterinary medicine may use the research laboratory during their studies. So far, there does not exist any production plant having a similar standard in southern Africa so that the centre will be a reference object for sub-Saharan Africa. In the long term, it is planned to develop the veterinary centre in Huambo into a biotechnology centre.

Photos: ©GAUFF GmbH & Co. Engineering KG, Nürnberg

Foreign exchange revenues and strengthening of the agricultural sector

The planned production capacity will not only meet domestic demand. In order to generate foreign exchange revenues, the vaccines are also to be exported to other countries, such as for example European countries.

The project will significantly strengthen the agricultural sector in southern Africa. The supply of essential veterinary vaccines will increase the productivity of animal husbandry. Thus, the project makes an important contribution to food security in sub-Saharan Africa.

The centre for the production of veterinary vaccines having an order value of 125.2 million euros is to be completed by 2025. The Federal Government supports the project with Contract Bond Guarantees with Counter-Guarantees as well as supplier and buyer credit cover.

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