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Background information on covered export transactions

Wind energy gets a boost in Finland

Three wind farms were erected in Finland for the "Magna" project. The exporter of the turbines was GE Wind Energy GmbH from Salzbergen. The German federal government is supporting the project by providing buyer credit cover.

Bild: Grüner Stahl aus Nordschweden
Bild: Grüner Stahl aus Nordschweden

Green steel from northern Sweden 

The Swedish company H2 Green Steel is building the world’s first climate-neutral steelworks in northern Sweden. Key equipment for the steelworks is being supplied by SMS group GmbH and thyssenkrupp nucera. The German federal government will support the project by providing buyer credit cover, contract bond cover, manufacturing risk cover and supplier credit cover.

Green Line – the Suez Canal on rails 

In Egypt, a consortium led by Siemens Mobility is building a 660-km long railway line for high-speed trains. The German federal government is supporting the project by providing buyer credit cover, supplier credit cover and manufacturing risk cover.

Bild: Green Line Ägypten
Bild: Solarenergie für Angola

Angola is turning to solar energy 

The Rural Electrification Project will provide 203,000 households with hybrid photovoltaic systems. MCA Deutschland is supplying key components for the project to Angola. 

The Federal Government supports this project with supplier credit and buyer credit cover.

Veterinary centre of Angola

In future, a new centre for the production of veterinary vaccines will reduce Angola’s dependency on imports and boost the country’s agricultural sector. A consortium consisting of GAUFF and NORÁFRCA is realising the project. The Federal Government supports this project with Contract Bond Guarantees with Counter-Guarantees and provides supplier and buyer credit cover.

Image: Veterinary centre of Angola
Bild: Windpark in Vietnam

50 megawatt wind farm for Vietnam

Vietnam is relying on renewable energies in order to meet its ambitious climate targets. Through the Special Renewable Energies Initiative Landesbank Baden-Württemberg financed a 50 megawatt wind farm in Vietnam. The turbines were supplied by Enercon GmbH from Lower Saxony. The Federal Government granted isolated buyer credit cover for the project.

Three hospitals for Angola

The Angolan government intends to substantially improve the health care for the population. Therefore, it gives high priority to three hospital projects. Two hospitals are being built on large undeveloped plots in the provinces of Viana and Cacuaco, which are among the most densely populated districts of the capital Luanda. The third hospital is the Mbanza Congo general hospital in the province of Zaire in the north of Angola. The construction of the building is already completed. But the technical and medical equipment has yet to be installed.

Bild: Tunnelvortriebsmaschine in einer Halle

The Angolan health ministry has placed the contract for the turn-key construction of the hospitals with VAMED Engineering Deutschland GmbH. The company from Hesse is not only responsible for planning and construction but will also train, advise and support the hospital management and staff for two years after the completion of construction.

The hospitals at Viana and Cacuaco will have 318 beds each and their commissioning is planned for the autumn of 2023. Whether intensive care, gynaecology, paediatric or neonatal units – the hospitals offer broad medical support for the population. Departments for nuclear medicine, radio and chemotherapy as well as extensive diagnostics and several operating theatres round the medical services off. The hospitals are equipped with modern medical equipment, which is sourced from highly specialised subcontractors in Germany.

The Federal Government supports the projects through granting supplier credit and manufacturing risk cover and a buyer credit guarantee.

Photo: ©VAMED Engineering Deutschland GmbH, Bad Homburg

Special vehicles for medical care

500 mobile clinics for Egypt 

There are only very few hospitals in the rural areas of Egypt and doctors are few and far between. Because people have to travel long distances to hospitals and medical practices, it is impossible to make rapid medical assistance and treatment available to the population in an emergency. In order to remedy this problem Wietmarscher Ambulanz- und Sonderfahrzeug GmbH developed special vehicles fitted with clinical equipment, which can come to the patients with their medical devices.

In the year under review, the company from Lower Saxony delivered 500 mobile clinics to Egypt. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter vehicles are equipped with air conditioning and high-quality medical equipment from German manufacturers and have a thick insulation. When the air conditioning is switched off, solar powered ventilators guarantee a pleasant climate inside the vehicles. The special vehicles make general health and gynaecological care for patients possible. The Federal Government issued an isolated Contract Bond Guarantee with a Counter-Guarantee for the project.

Photo: ©Wietmarscher Ambulanz- und Sonderfahrzeug GmbH, Emsbüren

Domestic waste processing plants for the Ghana 

Ghana has a massive waste problem: The waste ends up practically everywhere – in the countryside, on roads, in rivers and the ocean. The Ghanaian company Zoomlion wants to change this situation in Ghana’s capital Accra and makes refuse bins available to private households in the city, which are regularly emptied.

For the processing of the waste, Zoomlion ordered waste treatment plants from the Austrian company Komptech GmbH. With these plants, five million tons of municipal waste can be separated and recycled. The German subsidiary of the Styrian company – Komptech Vertriebsgesellschaft Deutschland GmbH – delivered a mechanical-biological treatment plant for the expansion of the recycling yard to Ghana.

The Federal Government granted supplier credit cover for this transaction.

Photo: ©Komptech Vertriebsgesellschaft Deutschland mbH, Oelde

Bild: Baugelände mit Bagger
Image: Solar energy system in Senegal

Solar Power for 300 villages in Senegal

300 villages in remote regions of Senegal will be furnished with photovoltaic systems and electrified. 

The Federal Government supports the project with supplier and buyer credit cover. The medium-sized company GAUFF Engineering from Nuremberg plans and realises the scheme.


Waste sorting plant for Brazil

The municipal waste sorting plant built by Stadler Anlagenbau at a waste dump in Brazil sorts 500 tons of waste daily. Using screen drums, ballistic separators, magnetic and near infrared technology – the semi-automatic, state-of-the-art plant mechanically sorts the municipal solid waste into the different recyclable fractions. The semi-automatic separation makes it possible to recover many more reusable materials than with manual sorting and save primary materials. 

The Federal Government grants supplier and buyer credit cover for this transaction.

Bild: Projektbeispiel Müllsortieranlage Brasilien
Bild: Windpark Kovačica in Serbien

Wind farm Kovačica in Serbia

Until now, Serbia’s electricity has mainly come from lignite and hydropower. With the construction of wind farms, the country wants to increase the share of renewable energies in national electricity production. GE Wind Energy GmbH supplied 38 wind turbines with a total capacity of 104.5 MW for the Kovačica wind farm in the Serbian province of Vojvodina, about 50 km northeast of the capital city of Belgrade. Kovačica is one of the first major wind farms to be installed in Serbia under the new incentive programme for renewable energies.


The Federal Government provided Supplier Credit Cover and Buyer Credit Cover for the transaction.

Rehabilitation of the sewage network in Ecuador

Since the beginning of 2017, Ludwig Pfeiffer Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH & Co. KG has been modernising the wastewater network of the La Chala basin in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In the course of the project 450 kilometres of sewage pipes were cleaned. In addition, the German family-owned company is overhauling approx. 100 kilometres of the sewage network using various trenchless technologies together with 400 manholes.

The Federal Republic of Germany is backing the project with isolated Contract Bond Cover and a Counter-Guarantee.

Bild: Sanierung Abwassernetz in Ecuador
Bild: Maschine zur Herstellung von Stapelfasern

Fibres from shredded PET bottles

The family-owned Turkish company Gama Recycle supplies the textile industry, the automotive sector and the construction industry with fibres and yarns made from recycled materials. To meet the growing demand for ecologically produced fibres and yarns, it has signed a contract with Oerlikon Neumag in Neumünster for the delivery and installation of a plant that produces staple fibres from shredded PET bottles.

The Federal Government has issued manufacturing risk and supplier credit cover for this transaction.

The picture shows an identical plant.